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It Pains Me

Each and every day people around the world deal with chronic body pain, affecting our mental outlook about life. The misery of being in pain can stem from many sources and life events. Most commonly, automobile accidents, sport injury, joint and bone degeneration, stress, obesity, trauma and the grinding decay of repeated abuse. Having a pain management plan with your health care provider is the first step in regaining control, because pain is personal.

The most accessible tool we have over our body which is also the most instant, is breathing. A deep sigh is actually a simple way to reset the parasympathetic nervous system, especially in lengthening the exhalation. Pushing through pain can only be managed by continuing to breathe. When the body experiences the pain threshold reaching its peak, we simply preserve ourselves by losing consciousness. That's how the body does its job of keeping you alive.

Pain is debilitating by nature. It can constrict movement, disrupt sleep and slowly unravel us mentally. Commonly, it is plain to see those in pain by simply observing posture. The temptation to bend in all directions to try to ease the pressure and discomfort is to writhe in pain. We attempt to compensate with a slumped or rigid posture or even trying not to move at all. We need precisely the opposite: to keep moving and in the best form we can muster.

There are advancements everyday on the study of pain relief. Pharmaceutical cocktails, opiates and NSAIDs (nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs) are thoroughly tested. Known pain relievers and newly re-examined botanicals are being remixed and reformulated. Mass dose vitamins, root spices, oil extracts, all designed to connect to our cannabinoid receptors. Across time we've used alcohol, saps, wraps, ancient concoctions, venomous insect stings and sometimes a combination of all of the above. If you have suffered pain on the long-term, you've likely tried or are willing to try just about anything.

Rebuilding the body after injury or maintaining what you've got left can definitely be an all consuming project. Just be certain that whatever your choices that they are guided from trusted sources and studied data on real people. The medications we take must be processed by the entire body, every organ and to keep that happening we need water and circulation to even process the pain-relieving product! Stacking the joints to optimize muscle and joint efficiency is effective if we keep it top of mind. Remember the good form. The mindfullness of mindfullness itself.

Standing or sitting in good form and using continuous movement, one step at a time is the simplest assurance of moving forward and through pain. Your Doctor is your friend. So is your Pharmacist, Public Health Nurse, Physiotherapist and so on. Be present as you positively work the mental angle of pain management. Hint: it's you. Understanding the personal persistence of pain and how strength of mind can help you. It's a painfully deep subject. One that you will live through, one breath at a time.

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