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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Are we happy? If you find yourself creating habits that aren't too healthy we may or may not recognize the pattern. We are what we repeat. Habits of not doing things are habits too. Just as is doing too much.

Consistency is the main ingredient of results, long-lasting results. Consistent bad habits equals consistent bad results. Consistent good habits are the same. Following the curve of tiny gains or tiny losses is a good indicator of where we'll be down the road. This applies across all avenues in life; physical wellbeing, emotional health & financial wealth. If you're losing more than you're earning, you're in a deficit.

It stands true for expanding your mind and learning too. Not challenging yourself here means you're travelling in the same circles, in the same energy. How does this equate to happiness? It's the collective sum.

When we engage in habits that cope rather that resolve, we're glossing over a problem, using a means to get by. We are acting out of our own unhappiness. Excessive drinking, constant shopping and obsessive eating are all a distraction, as well as a dead end. So how can we help ourselves? Our world starts with us.

Kindness, awareness, understanding and compassion may be the things we feel we're missing. Starting with you means putting yourself first. Wanting to do better and to be better. The man or the woman in the mirror. The only one you really want to try to be better than is who you were yesterday. It's a job, a responsibility. Yes, and it's all yours.

Liking oneself is kind of like the saying 'I try to be the person my dog thinks I am'. They love you no matter what. Or if you're a cat person, they ignore you untill you change. You can happily take your pick.

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