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Love Your Age

Do you love your age? You should!

Getting and staying in good health as we age can be as easy as finding a good fitness leader. Your relationship with a good teacher is a personal one so it is important to have a comfort level with someone who meets your needs. Try out a few styles of classes, attend programs that interest you and even try a one-on-one training session.

Learn the right way from a professional and open yourself to meet new friends who share the same goals.

You should enjoy what you’re doing. A good fitness program is fun work! When we do it we reap the rewards of better health and that also means we now have more energy. Yes, that’s what exercise does! Set your sights based on a measurable outcome, letting your fitness leader guide you.

So make a commitment to yourself. Be consistent, including making good food choices and getting enough sleep. It really is never too late to get back on track or make a fresh start. What a great accomplishment!

Find a teacher who inspires you to feel at your best and keep with it!

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