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THANK YOU Robin for your role in organizing our Choose To Move on line meetings. It did my spirit good to hear of the challenges others were coping with. It made me thankful for my more limited challenges during this pandemic. The greatest problem I had was overcoming my inertia to declutter my apartment as well as to initiate useful exercises. Some improvements have been made in these areas. It helps for me to focus on completing that ten minute job or doing mini exercises during tv commercials. These suggestions are helping.

My greatest sense of satisfaction occurs when I can help to brighten someone else’s day. Having experienced many gentle “ Random Acts of Kindness” over my lifetime, I know how deeply meaningful small gestures can be. I have appreciated your sincere interest in our well being. Again, thank you for all that you do in your gentle, reassuring way. 

Stay well. Stay safe. 


~D. A.

Robin thank you for being there for us. I appreciated it. I loved the exercise classes. The class  got me out. And the classes were great with the lovely people I met. I really needed this. I loved the centre too. Meeting people all the time. 


The class was so different then any other I went to in my younger years. I really enjoyed it. But you made it the best it was. Thank you for that. 

~P. R.

Hi Robin,


Thank you for making Choose To Move available online.  It is nice to get together in these difficult times. My mom has shown so much improvement and she wants to let you know that she appreciates your patience and kindness. She also enjoys the group a lot even though sometimes it is hard to express her thoughts

~N. & T.

"Live a clean life."

          ~Muhammad Ali

Hi Robin

Just got your latest e-mail. Thank you for hosting the Webinars. 

It's been fun and something to look forward to each week while everything is shut down and one day seems to blend into the next with nothing to really mark the difference.  We'll miss seeing you and the others every other week and look forward to the time in

the future when things open up a bit more and we can all be back at Century House.

Take care and stay well.

~J. & R.

Thank you for being our host during Choose To Move At Home Robin. We had great fun and thanks for being such a terrific facilitator.

~D. & J.


"All you need is love."


          ~The Beatles

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Thank you so much Robin. You were a busy person today.....I truly appreciate You.  I have been encouraged and found good reasons to get moving. You are always so pleasant and in spite of my poor computer skills, my daughter always manages to get me online. I am looking forward to my new glasses. Thanks again for all you do. Looking forward to 2022. Stay safe. Thank you for being kind.


~M. S.


Thank you Robin.  I am enjoying all aspects of the program and for once don’t feel intimidated but do feel encouraged.  This group is very good for me at this point in my life.  You actually, in two weeks, have encouraged me to get out and be more mindful of how much I am moving.

~B. M.


Forever gratefull for your time, insight, caring and most of all

helping me to complete my Get Active Plan. 


~G. D.

"Don't drink from the bottles that empty you."

                                                  ~Jim Carrey

Thank you for your expert guidance and sharing of resources and for making our weekly meetings fun and informative.

~A. C.


Many Thanks. Getting as old as I am, I needed some motivation to get off my butt. At almost 85, with waning energy, it is so unlike my usual self to be a couch potato. So signing up, I was hoping to get myself in the habit of some form of exercise every day, be it outdoors or tuning in on line for an exercise group. I did accomplish this and intend to make it a part of my daily life.

So you have my eternal gratitude for your approach to make us healthier in body, mind and spirit. You gave us lots of resources and your encouragement certainly motivated me.

A big thank you for getting me back on track. Have a wonderfull summer.


~S. S.

Thank you for your kindness Robin. Thank you for all that you do.

~T. W.


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"Do something worth remembering."


                                      ~Elvis Presley 

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Thank you Robin for being the motivational coach that you are and getting us to talk about ourselves, what we are up to and how we are feeling. It makes for a much more cohesive group and getting to know other participants. 

~K. M.

Your warm personality, genuine support and professional education made this work so well for me.

~A. D.

Thanks Robin for your hard work and looking out for us.

~C. S.

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"Never give up."


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