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Setting Goals

Setting goals is a great way to get organized and bring about change.

One established strategy for accomplishing this is to use a S.M.A.R.T. acronym.

Be specific in listing what you want to manifest. Make it measurable.

It also needs to be something we can attain or access within our means, so that makes the goal setting a realistic endeavour.

Of course nothing would come together without the limits of time.

Goals need to be put in a time-bound framework, having a deadline to work towards.

Break down the goal setting process further by listing your goals in groups of short term and long term. What I can change today and what can I reasonably expect of myself in say three months. Make it easy to digest, thought-filled and genuine.

Writing down goals or sharing them with a confidant is one way to make yourself accountable. It helps us take responsibility for what it is we want to accomplish and focus on the task at hand. There’s an old saying that the start is what stops most people. Reflect on your past successes to inspire you and give you confidence. As time is all we really have, don’t waste it. Welcome new energy. Only you can create your best life.

So plan your goals, plan your work, then work your plan!

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