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Getting Started

Getting Started with anything means making time. So your new activity program means that you are scheduling an appointment with yourself.

It is just as important as any other self care routine you have. Always start slowly and make simple choices based on your interest and ability.

If you like walking, for example and you’re able to get out and use a safe surface near by, like the park or a walking track, these are great starting points.

Make it fun! Bring a friend to join you for company and make your walk enjoyable. Being out in the fresh air and among nature is a great way to connect to improving our health and well being.

Always be willing to change things up, finding a new path or route. Variety in your efforts will keep you interested. You can also include a point of doing a few gentle stretches with the support of a bench, adding flexibility and some balance poses along the way, like standing on one leg. Park benches are a perfect way to add a bit of strength training to your cardio with just your own body weight.

Try sitting and rising from the bench a few times to build your lower body strength. Even a few push ups off the back rest with a slight incline is a supported way to build your upper body strength. A simple plan like this is an easy one to stick to, working up to a walk each day and adding your strength training on every other day.

Most of all we want to compliment our efforts with good nutrition and plenty of water. You can bring a light snack along to enjoy if you like too, a piece of fruit, or handfull of nuts. You may find you’ve worked up an appetite! Balance off the whole routine by getting enough rest. Our bodies build muscle as we rest.

It’s when we repair and restore from our efforts.

So now you have an easy way to get started and stick to a simple plan. When we find something we enjoy doing, it really is effortless. Being active helps us maintain a healthy weight, get good circulation, build stronger muscles and bones and connect socially.

You never know who you might meet on a walk who is making the same effort to live a healthy life!

So make a plan to take up the activity that you enjoy and get yourself started!

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