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Maintaining a level of good nutrition is one third of the picture when we talk about health and wellness. In addition to daily exercise or activity, we need restfull sleep and a diet plan with a wide variety of foods from quality sources. It is most important to eat foods that are fresh and colourfull. Just like your activity of choice, pick foods that you enjoy also. We eat for good health, fuel and energy as well as pleasure. Take time to put love and care into your meal preparation and share that social time with company. We sometimes forget that in our busy lives mealtimes are meant to be social times too.

A balanced meal or snack should include a protein source, a carbohydrate and a healthy fat. This combo ensures a well-paced period of absorption into the body. Good sources of protein include meat, fish, cheese and nuts. Carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Healthy fats include avocado, nuts, olives and their pressed oils and butter. Your food should come from a natural source, one you recognize and can pronounce. It is also a good habit to purchase your groceries in small quantities so that you are eating fresh and minimizing waste. Where you buy is also very relevant to the quality of your food. Buying locally helps the local economy and we get a richer nutrient value of recently harvested crops and products. Buy from a quality source that you trust.

Even if your personal diet restricts certain food types, variety and freshness are key. These are the cornerstones of good nutrition. Your reward is in your own good health!

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