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Sweet Moderation!

We all enjoy the sweet things in life, especially with friends.

Watching our intake with sugars goes beyond a sweet treat now and then. If we overindulge in high-carbohydrate breakfasts, sugary drinks and sweet treats we require the body to pump out greater amounts of insulin. The body needs insulin to act as an escort, enabling the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Constant spiking of our sugar intake with large amounts of simple carbohydrates like breads, fruits and treats can lead to insulin dysfunction, inflammation, gut imbalance and a whole myriad of harmfull health effects.

Over time these highs and lows can also cause increased thyroid dysfunction and alter the release of catabolic cortical stress hormones which then disrupts the function of metabolism and causes subsequent weight gain. Insulin dysfunction is the leading cause of Diabetes and obesity. Ever notice that when you get on a bit of a sugar indulgence we just seem to keep wanting more of that same sweetness? Those imbalances just cause more cravings. It can go off the rails pretty quickly.

Reducing the intake of processed carbohydrates and simple sugars can help get your thyroid back on track. Being mindfull and watching portion control when serving up these types of foods is one way to beat the sugar train. Enjoy the good things in life but keep your health front and centre.

A good balance of moderation will have you enjoying your best self in the future!

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