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Sleep Right

We all know how great it feels to get a good nights sleep. By the same rule, it only takes one rough night to affect our well being. A poor nights sleep impairs memory function, metabolism and mood. A few sequential nights can send us downhill rapidly. Over the long haul we are seriously damaging our internal organs, especially the brain and heart. Staying on top of this important human function means setting a reasonable amount of time to get the job done.

In preparing for sleep, create a bedtime ritual which should include no electronics and a dark room using blackout blinds if needed.

Check under the bed for monsters!

Getting comfortable in your favourite PJ's after you wash up is also part of the ritual. Plan to get enough hours in before your next day begins by being in bed at a set and consistent time. Bedtime...yes we still should have one.

When the focus is sleep let's try to keep that focus. Time for sleep means we have emptied our 'to do' list before we hit the sheets. Our biggest sleep disrupters are not only caffeine, but late night alcohol and sweets too. Overindulgence in food and adjusting to prescribed medications can also affect our sleep pattern.

Training the body to sleep naturally can be a success when we keep everything that we can control in check. Eating right, getting enough fresh air, exercise and keeping a balance with social media and screen time. There is something to be said for a gentle stretch session or mind-body meditation before you bring your days activities to a close. Try different routines until you are happy with what works for you. Sleep is a vital component to your health and well being so be sure you’re doing a good job of it and sleep well!

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