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Staying On Track

We are all familiar with the expression one thing leads to another. It rings true as well when it relates to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Putting into practice one simple idea will go a long way in helping you stay the course in your efforts to live well.

During the winter months it is more challenging to get outdoors in weather we’re not accustomed to...but the trick is to focus on what you can do. Some people find great motivation when they start a good activity pattern each morning, no matter what. For example you might try doing ten easy inclined push ups off the bed after you have finished making it. When we tie an activity into our normal daily routine, chances are it sticks! Another example, as you watch the morning news or listen to your radio show, try a few sit to stand repetitions from your favourite chair during the commercial breaks. Doing what you can is time well spent and our daily health is better for it, even when we’re just around the house. Count it as a blessing! If you keep moving, it’s sure to take you somewhere!

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