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Fruitfull Benefits

Keeping a nutritional balance in our lifestyle can be a challenge at times. We are blessed to live in abundance. We know to eat fresh and eat local but many foods keep longer and have an improved and concentrated nutritional value when dried. Fruits in particular.

For example, plums and apricots are excellent sources of fibre, potassium and antioxidant carotenoids. The drying process will degrade some of the water-soluble and heat-sensitive vitamins, like vitamin C, but other nutrients become more concentrated. The soluble fibre from these fruits adds bulk to body waste to move it more efficiently through the digestive tract.

A half-cup serving of dried apricots provides 19 percent of the daily value for fibre, while a half-cup of dried plums contain almost 25 percent. Fresh apricots and plums are rich in potassium, dried, they contain even higher amounts. Along with sodium, potassium regulates the balance of water with in our body at a cellular level. Dietary potassium can help us maintain a healthy blood pressure.

A half-cup serving of dried apricots supplies over 21 percent of the daily recommended intake for potassium and a half-cup of dried plums provides 18 percent. These dried fruits are also a decent source of iron, apricots being nearly a 10 percent source of recommended intake. Rich in vitamin A, dried apricots can bring you half your daily requirement of this antioxidant, essential for cell growth, the immune system and eye health.

So there you have it, two easily accessible edibles that you can always have around in dried form to help balance your nutrition. Buy organic, from a quality trusted source and store in tightly sealed glass jars in the fridge, among your fresh nuts and seeds. Healthy and happy eating starts at home!

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