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The Diet

When it comes to maintaining good health our diet must be a sustainable plan, a way of life. We eat what we enjoy and hopefully it meets our nutritional needs as well. Establishing a good diet is a journey, a process that evolves over time and improves along the way.

Everything we eat passes through the kidneys. A diet high in acidity causes kidney stones and strained kidney function.

Our bodies naturally thrive in an alkaline state. Alkaline-producing foods are fruits and vegetables. Acid-producing foods are meats, fish, grains, legumes, dairy products and salt. You need both kinds, alkaline and acid foods. Fats are generally neutral. For our best health, let food be thy medicine, as the saying goes.

Food is one of life's great pleasures so buy your favourites, in small quantities, selecting fresh, quality ingredients. Always store and prepare foods in a clean environment. Really clean.

The point is you can create a lifestyle of good choices with what you know. The goal is an all-around sustainable diet that you can live with. Take knowledge from reliable, trusted sources like The Mayo Clinic, Harvard University and HealthLinkBC. You can find links to these resources on this site. As we learn more about the science of nutrition and exercise, we can take charge of our health. Create it. Enjoy it. Be consistent and see results. The choice is yours!

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