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Staying Flexible

Being able to move your joints through a wide range of motion with ease is the key to maintaining flexibility. Daily stretching can help. As we age, our flexibility can rapidly decrease if we have an inactive lifestyle. The result being that daily living becomes more difficult and we lose mobility. Loss of mobility means loss of our independence and the beginning of potential chronic pain.

We function better when we are flexible. Our muscles work efficiently and protect the body from everyday living, avoiding risk of injury and stumbles. Muscles stretch better when they are warmed so a comfortable bath or shower before activity or after a gentle workout can make flexibility much easier to work with. Stretching after activities when the body is at a warmer temperature is perfect for relaxing after your efforts.

A good session of stretching for 5 to 10 minutes a few times each day can help to keep you moving and meeting the physical challenges of the week. You’ll have better blood circulation, improved stamina and maintain muscle tone as well. It’s a small effort to make for a generous benefit in return. Now there’s a stretch!

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