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Perfect Posture

Good posture, like good balance, is something we must continue to work on as we age. Proper alignment of the body as we move through space says much about us. It also absolutely dictates our performance in all we do. From active daily living and doing our duties about the house to maintaining our independence and staying self-reliant in managing our own lives.

Proper posture allows our lungs to be more efficient and states our mental outlook in the way we hold ourselves. So how do we work at reaching and sustaining a look of confidence? Well we work at it. Good posture is not standing rigidly but standing comfortably, to the best of our ability.

Imagine points in the body that are key in proper alignment. Begin at the ears, centering them over the shoulders, centre the shoulders over the hips, the hips over the knees and the knees over the ankles. To help in getting the feeling of this, try this little exercise. Stand against the wall with your heels touching the wall. Press as many parts of the body against the wall all the way up to your head but remain soft in the knees. In all we do, we never lock the knees. Allow for the natural curve of the low back, eyes looking straight ahead. As you stand tall in this position, feel the stacking of the joints: knees over ankles, hips over knees, shoulders over hips and finally, ears balanced at centre over your shoulders. Hold this positon for a few seconds, sensing how it feels. Then as you step away from the wall, experience movement with the joints stacked, standing comfortably tall, eyes on the horizon.

Another tip is to turn the palms of our hands slightly outward as we walk. This rotates the shoulders back, keeping the chest proud and the sternum as a point of levity. Again, stay relaxed, shoulders down. Awareness as we move, sit, work and relax can be front of mind if we build this habit of alignment, catching ourselves and reminding ourselves to act confidently, being present in our movements and to rest when we tire. Good posture can be yours...and that's a tall order!

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