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Being Kind

People are the sum of their experiences and we are all wonderfully unique. Getting where you want to go in life is not done by you alone, including taking charge of your good health and well-being. You still need to be considerate of others and their journey as well.

Being kinder to ourselves, as well as all the others we meet along the way helps us to enjoy the journey far more and our energy remains positive. The path and people around us rebound with kindness also. So in your determination to live well, keep your independence and get to where you're going, there will always be people more and less capable, more and less informed.

What does this have to do with health and successful aging? Well, everything. Our barometer of how we treat ourselves and how we treat others is absolutely linked to our stress, happiness, chances of success and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our nutrition is an instant indicator of mood and healthy behaviour also. If you are experiencing surprising mood changes, angry thoughts, short-temperedness or in any way a disturbance of the peace & kindness you desire for your life, it may be time to talk it out with your doctor.

Something isn't working well and a health professional who knows you and your health history can help. Overall wellness encompasses all levels of our being. Make it easier on yourself and those around you. Be independent enough to be self-governing yet caring enough to be kind. You never know what someone else is dealing with. Getting older in life is a privilege some people are denied.

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