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Making Progress

In order to have fitness, you must have good health. In order to have good health, you must have function. This is the order and progression to performance. Function becomes health, good health becomes fitness, good fitness becomes performance. It is a steady, consistent climb. A journey possible for each and every person. Sound optimistic? We are optimistic beings.

The human body is the only machine that breaks down when not in use. No matter what your ability, exercise will improve the health and well-being of the human body. Good nutrition will be the fuel that gets you there. Sound simple? It's simple enough.

Our lungs are our most delicate organ so getting fresh oxygen efficiently to the body means having fresh air and a good aerobic base. One can build this up gradually with effort. Our muscles are like shock absorbers for the bones and joints so we are designed for lean, strong muscle tissue. It's also taxing to be carrying around too much body weight. It's the hardest thing we can make our body endure, over time. Our muscles, bones and joints are perfectly made. Precise. Beautifull by design. Yet we have accepted a culture and lifestyle where we eat far too much and move far too little.

Well, hope springs eternal. It is never too late to change the human body for improvement. It takes one simple ingredient: consistency. When you are consistent, you see consistent results. It works the same for a good behaviour and a bad behaviour. Consistent good results, consistent bad results.

So the choice is yours. Living as only we can, one moment at a time. We follow good decision after good decision. Eat well, with good quality food, in an amount that is needed for your energy output, on that day. Know where your food comes from, extremely important. Sustainable choices. And move! Be confident in how your body moves through space. Yes, that's how we make progress!

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