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Processing Emotion

We are emotional beings. As such, our feelings are connected to our minds, bodies and complete wellness. Sometimes that connection is hard to define. We just don't feel right or on track about something. By nature we are connected to one another and being inclusive is important to our basic function. It is a huge part of how we relate to our world. That being said, it is equally important that we are understood.

Defining how we feel, first to ourselves and then being able to relay it to others can be a challenge. Talking it out can help. Being able to confide in a partner, a friend or a relative can help us work through that sometimes overwhelming feeling of the many emotions that can wash over us in life. We may feel a sense of uneasiness, confusion, physical upset or even fatigue. All outlets that the body uses to circulate that emotional charge. It is our ability to stay with that feeling and be open to assessing and classifying it that is the next step. What is it that concerns me and why?

Sometimes we may feel misunderstood, disrespected, distressed. Perhaps that a value of ours has been compromised, something important to us was overlooked. We may even be falling into old patterns of behaviour that are not serving us, again. Perhaps the most important realization: what started this?

Being able to address our emotional well-being in confidence helps us get sorted out and back on track. Sometimes it means getting a need met or re-establishing a boundary. Realigning with ourselves and getting back to feeling right. Our bodies respond to our minds output. Having the courage and taking the time to express ourselves and work it out with others is easier than we think. It is certainly important. It will have a physical outcome as well. A sense of relief, calm and rightfulness that brings us back around. So tune in to that emotional well-being as it is a large component to your physical good health. As we think in the goodness of our happiness, may we also speak in the goodness of our thoughts and act in the truth of our heart-felt intentions.

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