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Fall Prevention

Even though we may not indulge in the behaviours that we use to for fun, falls and missteps can still happen to anyone. Accepting that we have passed our "bulletproof" stage in life, it's still very important to take control of your health and stay in good form to prevent a fall. A great start is to maintain a safe balance and exercise program on a regular basis.

The chance of a fall doesn't happen any more to us as we age than it did when we were younger. The fact is that we haven't maintained our strength and balance to recover from our missteps. All the more reason for a consistent activity regime. The statistics are that in North America, every eleven seconds, an older adult is seen in an Emergency Department for a fall-related injury. An injury that may have been preventable.

As an advocate of your own good health, speak to your Doctor about an assessment for your risk of falling. They can direct you to a program to educate and take steps to maintain and improve your chances of avoiding a serious fall. They can also review your medications and help with assuring that your vision and hearing checks are also in top shape.

Educating ourselves and being proactive about safety can certainly be in our own hands around the house as well. Check that there are no tripping hazards, that there is adequate lighting and that stairs and baths are stable with rails and grab bars.

Talk to your family members as well. Enlist their support in taking simple steps to stay safe. Falls are not just a seniors issue. Anyone can take a tumble. Do everything you can to keep your power in your muscles and your mind in the present moment to assure that the recovery in a misstep is with in your control. Protect yourself in your own awareness for prevention. Don't fall for it!

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