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Finding Fitness

No matter what you decide to do to get active, it's so exciting when you find something that you love doing. Let your curiosity and sense of adventure guide you. Perhaps there was an activity from days gone by that you had always wanted to rekindle or something you had always yearned to try. So go for it!

It's absolutely never too late to learn something new and so many activities offer a beginner level. Some activities may involve a costume you might find fun or equipment you're keen to master. Once you start the search, it's amazing where your journey may take you. It certainly is a great opportunity to meet new people and perhaps a kindred spirit. Many teachers love teaching beginners too!

You can really surprise yourself with how good you might get at doing something new. Mostly, how much you can enjoy the experience, even if it is just a one time venture or a single session of classes for the Winter. So keep your mind open. What matters is you're on the move, trying something fun, learning and connecting with others.

Your local community centre is always looking for new ideas to host and bring people in so if there is something you would like to see in your neighbourhood, suggest it. Most of us are getting pretty tech savvy so let a computer search help or check the local papers, posters and community news. Ask people you know what it is they do for fun. Finding fitness is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other. Oh and you can shake your hips a little bit too!

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