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New Beginnings

No matter where you are starting from in your quest for better health, you just need to believe in taking that first step in getting going. There's a saying that the start is what stops most people. So what can we do to bust through the procrastination and give new things a try?

Well if you think about the reason why you don't do something, you might find some answers. Sometimes we are lacking in confidence. What if I fail? Sometimes we need a little help in the motivation department, maybe a buddy to hold us accountable. We may even be afraid because we are in pain and we don't want to feel worse. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy in being consistent. That's why they call it getting with the program. Find the right program for you. Schedule it, plan it, work it in. Start with one day a week and make a job of it, it's self-employment.

There are a lot of programs that are very specific as well as social and they begin with a graduated approach. Your local library or community centre are great places to begin finding something that interests you. There are also many organizations that intake volunteers for which you may have a history of compatible skills. There's also word of mouth, chatting people up in your travels or reading those bulletin boards as you visit your local haunts. Maybe you just feel good hanging out in a certain area of the city. There's also just a plain old shot in the dark, trying what you feel curious about. Committing to what stirs your passion.

So whether it's joining the drama club or volunteering to help out around animals, the point is that it starts with you. The effort is something we can all muster if we want to get in the game. Don't worry, it's still on your own terms. How long does it take to develop a habit? Meet me back here tomorrow, we'll try it again.

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