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Flu Season

Top of mind through every Flu Season is to protect yourself from getting sick. As we all want to stay in our best health, every senior should have a flu shot. It will be just another step toward your best defence. Next to immunization, consistent hand-washing, including a brush under those fingernails, can't be stressed enough. As well, covering a cough or sneeze and certainly steering clear or those who don't. Keeping our fingers and hands away from our eyes, nose, ears and mouth are also key in halting transmission of the flu virus.

It may surprise you that continuing to socialize in circles of those who are healthy actually exposes us to the germs that help to build up our immune system. What we most certainly want to do is stay well clear of those who are sick and places where we know there is an outbreak. Yes, that means visiting a sick friend in hospital too!

Most of us live in a climate with a change of seasons and at all times we need to dress for the conditions. Covering the head and ears from damp, cold air and keeping the neck, chest and feet warm and dry are still more ways to be assured that we remain well. We still need our share of fresh air and exercise. And certainly, to continue to eat a balanced and healthy diet of the freshest foods of the season.

One of the best and yet overlooked things we can also do is to simply drink water. Lots of it. We absolutely become more dehydrated in the cooler months and are more apt to enjoy a hot tea or coffee rather than a tall glass of water. As older adults, many of us need extra water to simply process medications. Sipping on water throughout the day and especially during an activity class is one thing I am always reminding my participants of. Even if you're having a quiet day indoors, keep the water at the ready.

So there you have it. Reminders of what you may have taught your kids, grandkids or had your parents teach you that we are sure to know better by now. Sometimes a gentle reminder is just what we need. Or just what the doctor ordered!

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