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You're Grounded!

Are you experiencing feelings of unrest yet are lethargic? Are you having digestive upset, lightheadedness or heightened senses? You might be feeling ungrounded.

Ungrounded feelings can surface when we stray from our usual healthy food choices and are eating more sugars and processed foods. The foods we know do not agree with us. We notice mood changes, a lackadaisical attitude, procrastination. It can easily become a bout of serious inactivity, both physically and mentally. You're watching repeated meaningless TV or feel unmotivated to schedule and begin the day and it's an effort to take care of your usual responsibilities.

More and more we are understanding how our gut health is an overall bearing to our mental & physical well-being. Out of balance, it can send us into a spiral of cravings and mood swings, even out-of-the-ordinary behaviors such as ill-temperedness.

Getting back to yourself may mean not just a revamp of the grocery list, but maybe a one time dose of a medicinal grade probiotic to set you straight. A probiotic can restore gut health when we swing off course. We're out of sorts and need a reset. As a rule, no one needs probiotics on a daily basis. Your good nutrition will do that for you. This probiotic is clinical strength and one dose is all you need. It is a perfectly good way to get your gut health adjusted, centered and back to balance and proper function, reflecting in your mood, physical and emotional well-being.

Your family Doctor can recommend to you the right choice for an over-the-counter clinical strength Flora probiotic from the cold storage section of your local pharmacy. Always consult with your family Physician when taking any medications. Get yourself back to good nutrition by choosing your grocery list wisely and minding the tempting things that we can easily overindulge in if we stray. Feeling better already? You're grounded!

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