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Buddy Up!

Sharing life's experiences is so much better with a friend. Having a buddy to encourage you with your healthy lifestyle helps the both of you! Teaming up can keep you motivated and on track with the goals and promises that you make about working an active plan with your physical and mental health.

Our fitness buddy can coax us into trying new adventures and even meeting a new circle of friends. We gain new ideas and knowledge as well as get help staying motivated when we are slipping short of the mark we set for ourselves. We can even introduce a bit of friendly competition with someone who you know at the end of the day simply has your back in all your efforts.

Variety in daily life is what separates each new day. Someone to strive along side, that you feel comfortable with, makes the time spent so much more memorable. Your relationship with an activity buddy can help keep your action plan a safe one and certainly can make for good conversation to enjoy along the way too.

Getting started with things we'd like to try or maybe rekindling the pastimes we enjoyed from days gone by is as easy as joining a structured program, class or event in your local community. Try a program at the neighbourhood seniors resource centre or social club. Sign up for a charity walk for a cause that speaks to you. All this can help you meet new friends who have also made a commitment to better health. Open the door that makes the difference between yesterday and today. Now that just could be the beginning of a beautifull friendship! Here's looking at you!

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