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Laughter Is Good Medicine

Walking on the sunny side of life. Yes that lovely feeling when you're on top of the world and all is well in the universe. Our outlook on life is really where our good health begins. Choosing to be happy can net you big results. Our approach to how we perceive the state of things around us and ultimately what happens to us, actually starts with us.

We have the capacity of an incredibly powerfull brain. That powerhouse is the control centre for all that we govern in the body. From memory and recall, to mobility and habit, our brains dictate the way we exist and how we relate. Keeping our minds functioning well and staying connected are good habits in thinking and acting. Our mindfulness that sees us through. Feed your mind good thoughts just like you feed your body good nutrition. We can think ourselves sick and we can think ourselves well, it's that powerfull.

Being in the present moment and taking life as it comes helps us to see the lighter side of things. We know how inundating it can be to take on too much in our thoughts. It takes away from the precious present moment. We sacrifice the spontaneity of the now. Which if we look upon it kindly, is usually full of joy. Being in the joy of the moment can help us appreciate the laughter that really is the biggest part of life. Being happy with ourselves can be our greatest accomplishment.

Laughter comes when we enjoy our human imperfections, finding the creativity of perception. The imperfectness of our situations. The success of trying and being happy where we land. The comfort of another person, in all their imperfections too. We survive because of our connection to others, not despite it. So when you have the choice to laugh at your predicament, you feed your mind the hope that you simply will make it. Your mind in turn feeds the body. We continue and press on. Laughter as good medicine? You bet your life it is!

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