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Always Learning

Curiosity is a trait we all possess and certainly we are learning every day of our lives. Higher learning in the pursuit of mind expansion or academia is the path of something even more exciting. We may not have had opportunity to a higher education when we were young, but as older adults, we may now have the freedom of time and often, free university study. Setting our sights on a personal enrichment of the like can be the difference between a life and a quite extraordinary one.

The wise choices we make as we enter the fourth age of life can be of looking for that next purpose. We've achieved much and enjoyed the quintessential highpoints of marriage, family, maybe grandchildren and travel, but some of us may feel the compelling need to drive ourselves all the way down the road to that one dream you always had that never faded. Returning to school for the pleasure of it. So why not?

Life should be filled with life-long learning and everyone has something to contribute with their experience. Universities and colleges alike are filled with students from all kinds of backgrounds and all walks of life. Let your story be added to the conversation and be open to where it may take you next. The importance of continuing to set goals and desires in life is really about being open to possibilities. The human in our humanities. You might be surprised at just how welcoming it could be. Let the thought of that put a tassel on your graduation cap!

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