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Following The DOT

It's another new year and we're off with an intriguing title. DOT is an acronym standing for Do One Thing. It's a concept that having the habit of doing one thing will inevitably lead you to another. I personally love the idea of doing one goofy thing that makes me laugh, everyday. Usually this involves some form of fun physical activity from bursting into an old song to see if I can remember the lyrics or breaking into a skip as I run my errands, for the simple exhilaration of it. It keeps one day different from the next.

My work involves meeting people from many backgrounds, abilities and experiences. The one common thread I see in everyone is that we are all very capable, both mentally and physically. Challenging yourself with doing one thing each day creates consistency in keeping us motivated. It can be something as simple as taking a photograph. Getting out and looking for one great shot to capture. It can also be trying to identify a specific botanical in nature as you stroll about, learning more about it when you get home. You could even attempt to figure out just what mix or breed of dog you see as you're out and about, if you happen to be interested in dogs! Anything that challenges us physically, draws our interest and gives us a chance to expand our minds. What ever you choose to do, make it fun.

Being open to the Do One Thing concept keeps us looking for the adventure. Having a change up creatively, each and every day, actually changes the chemistry of our bodies and our brains. It keeps the juices flowing, heals us and may well extend our lifespan. Who wouldn't want another day of that!

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