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Time Is Money

Ever have someone just want to keep talking to you when you've hired them to do a job? Being polite when dealing with people who simply have no concept of taking your time can be a delicate matter. Be direct instead! Seniors are often gouged for services that they may need to hire out for. Getting down to the job. This is why you hired out: to save you time and effort.

Standing up for yourself in time and money matters takes preparing yourself for the task at hand. Take before and after photographs. Be sure to know who the regulating agencies are who keep these companies in line with standards and codes of conduct. Do your research, check references from quality sources and contract for the finished job in a finished time, for a finished price.

At any age in life, time must be seen as a currency. Time IS money. Your time has a value in how you use it and certainly how you choose to spend it on others. So be assertive about it. What you expect, what you don't want.

If you feel you're ready to cut a service because of performance issues, never hesitate to do so. Be sure to use your power to stand up and say you don't feel satisfied in the way the job is being done. Always see your time as spending your money efficiently. Once your money and time are gone, sometimes there is no recourse. Sometimes we end up in law court. Letting someone waste your time...the buck stops here!

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