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A Mother's Day

Another Mother's Day is upon us and as I left the house before breakfast to get a few groceries to make a nice morning meal, I came across a number of cars all stopped at an intersection. Hoping it was just someone who might have broken down, I slowed my approach and here is the scene. A pleasant Mother's Day crossing of a proud Mum and her gosslings, in a crosswalk, no less.

Whether you had the privilege of being a Mum or just having one, there's something to be said of the nurturing quality in all of us. It brings out a softness in everyone. Perhaps not untill you've had the trial of finding your way through motherhood do we realize the incredible challenge and unspeakable joy it can hold. Not a job for the faint of heart and certainly not an easy job to do well.

I watched my sisters become Mum's. Both very different in their approach and both had very different families. In their own way, they both did a good job: They raised up decent people. My niece and nephews are grown adults now and I had the delight of being an Aunt. A family role I prized highly. Now some of the kids are having kids of their own and I am a great Aunt.

As children come to take their place in the world, just as we did, I think one of the most important things we learn is how quickly time goes by and how quickly things can change. Time is something that we start to pay attention to when we see kids growing up. Spending time in meaningfull ways and really trying to be good at your job, whatever you value that to be.

If we can lead a good life and set a good example, I think that means something. I've always thought that people see more than you think they see. Kids probably see a lot and it's good to feel that we're leading them through life with good skills, thoughtfullness about their surroundings and a sense of purpose in what they want to do with their time. So Mum or Aunt, Grandmother or Great Grandmother, let the memories that you create for the children you love be just as tender and full of life as your Mum, Aunt or Grandmother did for you. Enjoy this day with all those you love.

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