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Human Touch

The other day I was recounting to a client that I had been feeling under the weather. I was given a consoling caress on my shoulder. It lingered with me through the day. Human touch is powerfull, perhaps even profound. A warm gaze, a reassuring clasp of the hand, a gentle embrace from someone close.

Touch can strengthen connections between us. It can soothe us, influence us and even heal us. It speaks to us without words, bringing us closer, creating a calmness and a feeling of being understood. We need it. It's the first language we learn and the first sense we develop.

Scientifically we know touch can release stress, lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol hormones. All of which prepare us for defence. It brings out our compassion. Touch reduces depressive symptoms and helps people with Alzheimer make emotional connections … and it lasts.

We can feel happier, safer and more confident through basic human touch. It's a part of our humanness, linking our relationships, our health and our spirits. The power of human touch goes beyond our mortal body … it is our eternity.

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