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It's Time

Realizing that you may be needing a little more help in life is a decision that we all may have to make at some point or another. Thankfully most of us have a caring family to help get us to a working place that can make our lives easier and actually more productive. As we know in Canada, our seniors will outnumber new families with toddlers by the year 2030. By this time, most of the Canadian population will be over the age of 65. We'd better be ready for it!

Finding the proper care in an affordable facility may require being on a waitlist or even relocating to another part of the province or country. Having family nearby and involved in helping you make these big decisions is a great sounding board to have. It is not a sign of losing your independence by any means but it does mean that safety, security and your well-being now become more important than ever. The best part is that your community grows with you.

As a Health and Fitness educator I meet many clients from all walks of life and in many home settings. I instruct classes in a variety of housing situations and what I can certainly attest to is the unwavering sense of community that these living plans offer for all of us. Opportunities for a richer, supported life that is just as robust and lively as living in your own home. They offer a real connection and a sense of caring and inclusivity.

My experience with support workers in this field is that they have a real positive joy in the work that they do. Admittedly, it takes a certain type of person to be in the right job in any profession and this is no exception. Many support workers will offer their skills to more than one residence and they are very efficient at getting the job done. You feel like you matter. There should be no other way about it.

So when you are considering that it might be the move for you to make and you have talked it over with your family, financially there is a level for every need and levels of extended support to match. This is very much a business decision with our quality of life in its hands. Do your homework, all factors considered. Life can be so much more enjoyable when we ask for the extra help we need when it's time. I like to think of it as simply moving to a new neighbourhood. One that suits your needs and the kind of lifestyle you deserve. So you're not aging and settling into the woodwork. You're very much the vibrant new comer, here to meet the neighbours!

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