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Another Heartbeat

If you were lucky enough to grow up on a farm, chances are you learned the value of being around animals. They have a way of enriching our lives and in our care, their wellbeing helps our wellbeing. It has certainly helped me to become the person that I am. The fact is that we are nurturing by nature and having another heartbeat in the house can really be a health benefit as we age.

Finding the right pet for you, no matter what your preference, can help you to be more social. It might even get you outdoors for more exercise and activity. Caring for animals can help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and feelings of isolation, loneliness and even sorrow. It may well even help to better our lifestyle and longevity.

If you are contemplating pet adoption, there is time management and financial commitment to consider. Most importantly though, which pet is going to be the right pet for you? Consider the pet's life span and care effort. As older adults who may have some mobility issues, being able to offer your pet the best care is paramount. You may need to consider this carefully or consider asking for assistance that means a partnership of care. Something sustainable. Certain pets may be taxing to a compromised immune system and allergies and cleanliness may be limiting in your safe choices.

All things considered the joy of having another heartbeat in the house may well outweigh all the challenges and our bond with that special someone can help us in staying active, healthy and happy. Besides, when you look into those eyes, maybe there's another soul who is just as happy to be helping you! Ah yes, the beat goes on!

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