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This beautifull poppy was given to me by my sister. I have worn it each day this week, through my work, in my classes, to the end of the day. To me it is a reminder to contemplate what we have and are gratefull for. Our individual freedom brought to us by the service and sacrifice of others.

I hope this day means something to each and every one of us. Something that gives our lives a purpose and a meaning. Perhaps it is that we accept our duties graciously, no matter what they may be. Perhaps it is that we are kind and humbled by the journey of others, whose story we don't yet know.

In this day we are all blessed with so much. I sit in the peace and quiet of my home, writing this. I have the comfort of my family, good fortune and health. I can afford to live a good life, aware of not taking more than I need.

As the world stirs around us, we have this choice. Wise choices to make with the consideration of others. We are not strangers in this life. Our actions can speak when words are not needed. True peace begins in the heart of each individual. Peace be with you, as we remember.

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