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As another year comes to completion we look back and reflect on our accomplishments and dreams. Did I get done what I said I would? Setting our intentions and being purposefull in our time spent means also investing in time to relax, restore and renew ourselves.

It's easy to be sideswept. Life is busy and full of distraction, Keep things simple with time spent in planned restoration and active meditation. Opening our hearts and minds to the flow of the universe can help us release the sometimes negative energy of busyness and recharge ourselves with a new flow of clarity.

Take a moment in the quiet. Find a comfortable place where the body can be open and completely relaxed. You can use bolsters, pillows and blankets. Set up a light that soothes you, even natural daylight. This can be done in silence or with music that creates a feeling of peace. Make it as simple as you like. Allow yourself to focus only on the breath. Always bring your thoughts back to that natural, instinctive rhythm. Let thoughts drift by without attachment. Give yourself time, in the present moment, without rehashing the past or trying to plan the future.

Relaxation doesn't mean making decisions that are important but allowing the clearing of energy so we can begin a new. Allowing the body and mind to reset even over a few precious minutes can be very powerfull. You'll wonder why you don't do it more often. We can never stop time but we can certainly plan to use our time to slow the pace and reconnect the mind to the wellness of our being. Take the time to set yourself right. The time is yours. The time is now.

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