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One of the most valuable things to look forward to as we actively age is the experience we can offer others. Mentorship is that beautifull gift. The passing on of what we have gained through our experience and our time. Our lesson is filtered through our own place in history. Offering it freely, especially to youth, is one way to educate, share our lives and have our memories live on. We are creating a new memory with our apprentice.

As an instructor myself, I find teaching just as rewarding as learning. Sharing can also bring us a new understanding. It's now perceived through the eyes of another person, in a different time. It's a relationship of guidance, motivation and support. Being a mentor helps others to explore their own goals, discover their own resources and even plan their own direction in life.

Your support and enthusiasm can also cheer someone else on. We all do better with a little encouragement! Gaining experience that is trusted and makes sense, gives people a feeling of confidence. They trust you in doing it right. It's also an opportunity for nurturing. Something that is an integral part of our human nature.

Giving people the skills of determination when something interests them, builds a vision. Self-efficacy. I can achieve. It also gives us one of the most important lessons of life itself: being purposefull. Celebrate your success in life with the gift of mentorship. A lot of people will be glad you did!

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