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Sometimes in life we're given a lot to think about. Right now we are in a viral pandemic, all over the world. In a world that now looks surreal. You've seen the news, watched the leaders, adjusted to take your new place.

As we all make our way through this uncharted territory, step by step moving forward, many are cut off from loved ones, for safety. Many have had their life's work, their livelihood halted. Overnight, many are now unemployed. We don't know for how long. Every day there is someone who has lost a loved one. Everyday around the world there are many lives lost.

Try to maintain a routine, staying safe, keeping obedient to your own self-care. Not to worry. Such a difficult task but it is the only task at hand. When does the healing begin? If we can keep focus and calm, keep busy, helpfull, purposefull, we will get through it all. Try to indulge in things that bring you some joy, even the simplicity of a book, a craft, a meaningfull laugh with a friend.

When we see ourselves through we will have a new light on a new path and a new hope. Most certainly, we will have a new way. Take good care of one another and realize the biggest thing of all is that we will make it through. We will come out the other side. We will rebuild, restructure, reflect and heal. We will heal.

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