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I've been putting off writing this. Why is it so challenging to get down to doing the things we know we should be doing? "Getting down to the job", as I remember one of my College Professors, inspiring us. "Make a list", my high school teacher would say. A "Could do, Should do, Must do" list. We're busy. Busy doing what? Well, many things. We're "multi-tasking!" Guess what? Multi-tasking doesn't exist.

We are capable of doing one thing... at a time. One task, then the next task. Accomplishment is a linear achievement. It is simply impossible to be in two places at one time. Motivation begins in the mind, we can talk ourselves into anything. We can also talk ourselves out of anything. We are also self-regulating. We are what we repeat. There are many things to be said about procrastination: The start is what stops most people. Nothing changes if nothing changes. First thing tomorrow!

What can we DO? Well, avoiding the "mind vacuum" for one. Our mobile phone, that mini computer in the palm of your hand. The Internet, Social Media, web surfing, TV channel searching. Looking to be spoon-fed. It keeps us from moving more than our thumbs and our eyeballs. Keep searching or we'll somehow miss out on something--like more media. Ugh! Get up and go!

Start simply. Envision how you'll tackle the task. Write it down, if need be. The List! Begin, complete, reload with the next assignment. Taking small bites with reasonable goals, then progress to the next goal. Do it because you can, while you can, other wise, you've missed the boat. You get the picture? Good. Now I've got to go. I've got more things to do!

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