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Being a comfort to oneself is a learned concept. When we come away from things like major destructive events, we can feel inconsolable, giving anything for a sense of comfort. This too shall pass. Managing to prevail in a troubled time is something we can only do one step at a time. Down the road we may not be near as raw, but we know what raw feels like. The kind of raw that either breaks you or makes you stronger.

Feelings are the kind of things that can wash all over us. It can happen in a collective wave, sometimes with savage force, sometimes in brute succesion. Our emotions are visual and viseral. They are felt with all our senses and that is incredibly powerfull.

Sometimes we bear losses collectively as a community and sometimes as a nation. Together we share our grief. It makes us human, all a part of the same living earth. There is a sacredness to that. Sadly, it also makes us feel uneasy. Right now it's incomprehensible.

In good times we know the peak of feeling tremendous pride as a country. We now feel the depths of unspeakable loss. It will make us stronger. We will stand remembering, together. The comfort of just one person can turn your world right-side up again. Hold on to hope, to each other and to better days to come. Celebrate life. Everyday. Celebrate the people in your life by living.

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