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Your Workout

We know the effort to keep ourselves strong gives us the freedom to have a decent quality of life as we age. The independence of free movement. We see the restrictions and set backs that the COVID 19 pandemic has caused. It has changed our access to public recreation. It also made way for the creative home workout. Let that inspire you, not diminish what usefull conditioning and ability you already have or seek.

You may be "active" around the house, getting down to the tasks of the everyday. That all counts, but a regular workout builds you up to complete those activities of daily living. Now you don't need a gym or space for fancy equipment. You just need a plan to use all the major muscle groups for 30 minutes, three times per week.

A good workout gets your glow on. You may even break a sweat. Your body is working and that's a good thing. It's doing what it was designed to do: move! We want to be able to move in all the planes of motion for the human body. Forward and back, lift and drop and rotate. We want to be able to push and pull, squat down and lunge forward along with safe rotation. We want to utilize our muscles so that we feel it.

Now you can be creative and do your own design. You might like callesthenics, or yoga fusion or hip-hop dancing around your living room. You can also use ability-matched resources from trusted sources. Professional fitness instruction via videos or on-line can help. Whatever you choose, be consistent with a goal in mind and make it bound by time. Invest in the time of a workout session. Maybe even adding to the motivation by enlisting a friend to join you. Share the time, experience and the fun!

We may be a while in getting back to those Fitness Leaders that motivated and inspired us to be creative and never give up. In this time of uncertainty, keep working at. The payback is in your health. You do own the results. Keep building that strength, solid mobility and well...a sense of pride.

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