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Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Preparing to accomplish anything requires these three elements to be in check: Are you mentally clear with a planned set of goals to meet? Are you fuelled with good nutrients & fluids to perform? Is your heart in the right place, emotionally focused? Expecting a good performance means you put your work in. Mind, Body & Spirit. Every time. Because why do anything if it doesn't count?

Accomplishments are important. It's when we try, sincerely, to get a task done. Or the fact that you simply tried was the accomplishment in itself. Doing what we set out to do or what we say we're going to do matters even more as we get older. We never want to lose sight of having a complete life. As gritty actor, director and man of many talents Clint Eastwood once said about staying young, "Don't let the old man in."

We also know that you don't bind yourself with the memory of past achievement, but accept your accolades graciously. To keep moving forward, we need to keep finding the things that make us curious, interested and challenged. A new thing to accomplish.

We experience, participate, engage and learn when things get accomplished. Whether it be in your community or just happily on your own. Why then do the most inconsequential things that we keep putting off, sometimes for months, end up taking us just a few minutes to complete? The perils of procrastination. We put things off not because of laziness, but because of negative emotions that hijack your mood. So it's what we decide to get done everyday that matters.

Learning to get down to the job. That's a good expression to remember. Things take time. We spend time. It's a currency. We want to make good use of it, while we're around. It would be wise to spend it in a meaningfull way.

So how will you write your story with the time you have? Well, do what you like, but be purposefull. Ever think about what people might say about you after you're gone; about how you spent your time? Billy Wilder, creator of some of the best Hollywood screenplays ever, has this final epitaph on his grave marker: "I'm a writer, but then nobody's perfect."

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