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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Ever feel like you're ready for a new adventure? You should. Bringing in new experiences to learn and grow is a very big part of life. At least in living life to the fullest. Adventure is mind expansion. It's also building up our bravery. It can add newness to life and meaningful memories in life lessons. It may also change the way we think and interact with the world, with others and with ourselves.

So why would we want an adventure? Well it's a challenge, a new problem to solve and a chance to be creative. Adventurous behaviour makes us feel good. It's exciting. We need that. It reaches a part of our brains that have a sense of reward; that make us feel well, accomplished and certainly gives us something to talk about, according to a 2020 study in the journal Neuron.

It's also a chance to explore and we never seem to lose that because our minds are curious by nature. Being exposed to our human vulnerabilities can manifest something quite primal in us. It puts all our senses on edge. We feel alive when exploring. There is something new in front of us that we are forced to think about and make decisions on. That's the challenge and therein lies the fun.

Whether we are mentally solving something new like a foreign language or learning a new skill in mind and body, like playing a new instrument, we're on an adventure. It's having the confidence to explore yourself and the new people and places around you. Can it make you happier? Well, if you relax and enjoy yourself, it can.

Sure there may be feelings of excitement coupled with danger or even fear. These can also spur feelings of satisfaction when we get through it. Chances are you will. Adventure can also relax us as it releases endorphins. It can improve our mood because we are rising above the routine of repetition, where we feel safe. It can also boost our self-esteem and self-confidence, leaving a positive improvement on our mental health.

Think of it in terms of a mathematical equation: Adventure= -O(UO + P + M + C) (Out of the Ordinary, Uncertain Outcome, Passion, Mindfulness, Companionship). That's inspiring!

Those are the elements of an adventure. Therapeutic while boosting your social skills. It can increase our willingness and open our hearts. We can be helped in overcoming emotional difficulties and fight the fears that hold us back. Perhaps even get the chance of meeting someone new to share our life story with and grow. So come see what awaits you and go on an adventure. Just grab your helmet and life vest and hop in!

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