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Being Human

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

There is a concept in our mortality of seeing our bodies as living works of art. The house of all our journeys, toils and dreams. As the changing winds bring Autumn energy, the urge of preparedness brings the harvest and settling in. We know our duty to care and love our human form through every change, triumph and loss, especially in this past difficult year.

There is no other like you. Your own uniqueness is your power. So fuel your body with the goodness of fresh, simple foods. Be active in decisions for your self-care. We are humans. Connected to our environment because we exist in it. A moving part and vital component. As we care for ourselves, we are caring for the well-being of our communities. We are the sum of the whole. Care for the the body you're in. Do the best with it that you can. Day by day it's your mode of transit in this life.

Arise each day and mindfully decide the purpose you wish to create. Some days our bodies feel better than others. Order your time. If you need, make a list. Time is a currency so spend it well. Eat for the energy you need and tune in to what you are capable of on any given day, resting, hydrating and refueling.

Even as we are equal as humans, not every one has received equal in good fortune. Be thankfull by not taking more than we need. By helping. Sincerely sharing in what we can and taking up our own responsibilities. Giving our time, our strength and our compassion. Our thanksgiving. Remember the gift of being human.

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