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Body Beautiful

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

At any age, it's important to feel comfortable in our own skin. Physically, mentally and emotionally at peace. We can all be pretty hard on ourselves. A little letting loose, that's life. Being comfortable in your body is more than just self-acceptance; it's really an awareness of being human. Self-compassion helps us as everything is in flux. We change subtly each day. Admire the beauty in that.

Seeking a good education about staying healthy by caring for our physical selves each day means staying up on science. Real health on real people from trusted resources and carrying out daily, simple care. Choosing what's right for you means you'll know it when you feel it. When you feel tired, rest. When you're hungry, eat to satisfy yourself, not overly. When you're bored, find an adventure that stimulates you.

Dress your body in the style that you feel yourself in. It's a form of self-expression that is your freedom. Hold yourself in good posture, your head upright, picking your feet up as you walk. Adopt a daily ritual that helps you and keep it, whether it be a meditation, stretches or a few savoured lines of your favourite book.

Manners are not a thing of the past. They are a crucial way we relate and show civility. We behave well when we feel well. We are emotional beings who think and are hyper-social. Be sure you are giving and receiving in a way you can live with.

Feeling beautiful in your body comes down to one opinion, yours! A positive mindset of daily love where it all starts with you. Decide what you will accept and what you don't want, making the changes you wish to see. So please yourself, admire the unique beauty that is yours and make the effort if you want something different. Just be sure it's realistic and attainable for you, specific, measurable and bound by time. That sounds like a beautiful goal.

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