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Updated: Feb 17

The responsibility of working with older adults can be challenging; they are realizing that the aging process is something we don't often prepare for. It rolls ups and slowly we begin seeing the things that we used to do not be so easy anymore. Perhaps a saying I once heard sums it up nicely; "I've never been old before." It's true, growing older can unsettle us and keeping an even clip will help you keep steadily on course. You've got to try. In my work with clients, appointments are sometimes forgotten, emotions get highjacked and sometimes making an effort feels pointless. Some days they don't want to have any of it.

Encouraging older adults is my job. Keeping them inspired and safely getting active is something that really never tires me or dims my focus. That's how I know I'm working in the right job. I'm a senior too. I can relate to what their challenges are because I see it each day. Some days it can be very frustrating as it seems that everyone has forgotten their assignment. My job is to keep my work creative & fun, moving them forward with understanding, patience and a persistent sense of humour.

This is the kind of attitude that life demands too. Being able to react with the same steady gait, patient calm, reason and perpetual optimism. It will get you a lot further than acting without thinking it through, or blaming other people or their behaviour. Life is better all around in whatever we tackle if we realize that we have the freedom to choose how to invest our time and to react mindfully.

There are many resources and supports in place to aid seniors in bettering their health. Check out the Resources page on this site and see just how much is available A lot of seniors get connected at their local community or wellness centres, the public library, local rotary and veteran centres and legions. Fees are often minimal and often there is a chance to contribute by volunteering. There are also many professional retirement clubs that share similar interests, offer connection and organize support.

Aging well can be a great experience if you take the initiative of preparing and being proactive with how you want to live. It's the job of aging and it doesn't have to be a difficult one. Your better health is your business. Run it well and enjoy your freedom.

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