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Hard Times

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Deciding your personal space and limits may well be defined as our boundary lines. That flexible fence that surrounds us all and stakes out our comfort zones. As emotional beings, we have a reactionary warning system that signals a threat to our personal space and sense of well being. The construction and maintenance of that barrier is something that will salvage and protect us throughout our lives. It shapes and decides the perimeter of our judgement, our character, ability to learn and even our moral compass.

It's a line so well cultivated that we feel a physical sensation when that line is crossed. We feel a sense of unease, the need to put our guard in place. We all have that protective layer and each and every person is just a little different, the sum of their experiences to be sure. It takes a lot of energy to hold on to what is no longer serving you. Stepping forward from hardship takes courage, in heart & mind. That said it is also true that what belongs to you comes to you.

When we are faced with hard times in life it can leave a level of trauma in us that sometimes never leaves us completely. We build those walls and stake out those lines as a means of carrying on. A means of resilience. We may feel it in the dark mood we can't seem to shake, or the shadowy thoughts that repeat. Even in the behaviour we just can't seem to get right. It can hold us captive, if we let it.

Working through the difficulties and dealing with the stresses and strains we can adapt to be focused, astute and driven. These periods of strife can leave us feeling raw and vulnerable but given time, they can also make us stronger. Throughout our human history, survival instincts have always carried us and we are capable of incredible endurance, physical and emotional. Sometimes the last to be freed are our own beliefs.

What has past cannot be changed, nor can the people who may have harmed us or simply refused to help us. Focus on the ones who did. Reach out for your own sake. Isolating steers us further into the sense of lost power and control. Willingness is the first step to recovery.

We are alive to be happy, to create happy memories in a memorable life. By our very nature, we are compelled to going forward, believing and hopefull. Hardship like time itself, will pass. There will always be ties to hard times and unkind memories. It's up to you to decide which will be the ties that bind.

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