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Having Your Health

As cautious as we may try to be, at the best of times we can fall ill. Sometimes it surprises us, despite all our carefull actions. As the saying goes "you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone." We truly value our health when we fall under the weather. It's a woefull reminder to balance your efforts each and every day.

Managing stresses is a never-ending shuffle and a most important one. Whoever said not to sweat the small stuff had the right idea. Stress of any kind, the season, financial, emotional rollercoasters, will tax our immune system. As much as we feel we are handling it, it may certainly at anytime get the upper hand. That's a battle we may feel quite miffed about loosing. The focus is to get better soon. A positive attitude helps us face the right direction and not be too hard on ourselves during our road to recovery. It will reflect the recovery if we are.

A positive outlook while on the mend is vital. Managing our thoughts and emotions will play out in the direction of said thoughts. Negative input may make that health setback linger or certainly make you feel a lot worse than you need to. Our mindset is a big part of our health and positivity is a better road to feeling well and feeling it that much quicker.

Remember to take good care and don't be afraid to let others know you've had a set back. Focus on the good resources you have and know that those who care are really the close ones you can count on. It's a good idea to always prepare for sick days by having the resources you know you'll need. Tissues, lozenges, medication for fever and a working thermometer, a stash of easy drinks and soups to make recovery as at-the-ready as you can.

So don't be too down on yourself for falling ill just when you were making plans, it happens. Stay prepared, at all times, because it happens to the best of us. Your attitude means the world as you work on getting better. Stay connected, roll with the punches and try not to drive yourself or any one else crazy. This too shall pass and you'll be back on your feet in good time, in good health and spirits. Having your health is the best gift of any season.

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