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Updated: May 1, 2023

The role of life, especially someone who is caring for a loved one, is really the care of two people; the person in their care and the care of themselves to stay present to their own needs. While doing the tough task of watching over people in our lives, the unfailing need of our service grows.

The stressfull predicament can seem insurmountable at times. We are emotional beings in a dynamic situation. Our patience with ourselves becomes important. In life, we’re asked to simply care for each other. We need guidance, support and understanding.

Rebuilding your life and finding your footing after a loss or life change forces us to go through a lot of emotional release. We cry, feel anger, frustration and experience the emptiness of what was and the change now in our hands. Sometimes we don’t know what direction to face. Give yourself the time to walk through all the emotion. Look within, write it down, talk it out and decide the best choice of how to progress for you.

To come to terms that we are all mortal beings on this earth can be magnified by the losses in life. It can be an awakening of all the life we want to live before our name is called. Accepting, recalculating and finding your place is moving forward, step by step. Time is really all we have. Being happy is our natural state of being. Take time and be happy.

When we look at the simple emotion of a baby, expressing a dozen feelings in a moment; realize that life is one feeling experience to the next. Be present and live them all as they come. They may not come again. Nothing is promised. Memento Vivere is a Latin term meaning simply "remember to live". Take it as it comes and don’t forget to look around you in the hustle. It’s really a lot simpler and more enjoyable than you think.

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