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Lost Connection

Updated: Apr 6

There are a lot of times in life where things don't go the way we planned or work out the way we had hoped. Even with our modern technologies keeping us so well informed. It is sometimes easy to let yourself get discouraged. Maybe even want to escape or at best, feel a little disconnected. One thing is certain about the human race and our ever-expanding and problem-solving brains is that we never seem to really give up. We wouldn't be here if we thought otherwise.

So where and how do we get the inspiration to stay encouraged? It starts with you. What we feed our mind is really about our social connection with one another. Think of all the people you see walking along, sitting together, standing around, heads down into a screen. They are together but disconnected. It must be maddening to spend time in-person and be interrupted by pings, dings, rings and what your guests feel they must 'google' to instantly know.

It's important to have an inner circle for sure. People who are around you because they deserve to be. They've earned it. It's also the job of your inner circle to dial direct. A face-to-face conversation where the presence of another, the warmth of their expression, is the real deal. That's real support and real encouragement. Hearing a familiar voice or seeing a smile or sparkle in someone's eyes is real in the presence of that person. Technology may offer convenience, yet it distances us. We need one another and we need to make time in the present for it.

Being a contributor to the well-being of your inner circle helps everyone feel safe and included. It keeps the encouragement flowing and growing because of contact. In-person human contact. Doing things together to live our lives instead of creating them through or as someone on a media platform, filters, editing and all. It's easy to hide behind and feel discouraged by the information super-highway. We are emotional beings who are hyper-social, creative and adventurous. We do far better in the flesh, present and in-person. Try it. The real world, where you can tell the difference.

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