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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Ever meet someone who impressed you with their manners? Even the simplest of courtesies can leave an indelible mark, like saying please & thank you. Manners can say a lot more about us than just our choice of words and remembering those said timeless simplicities. Manners are really the way in which we uphold ourselves in the world. Our presentation.

From our body language, posture and even dressing suitably for the occasion, our manners can speak volumes about who we are, where we've come from and what our character might be. Good manners can mean how we use our tone of voice. In fact, our very pitch of voice can make a conversation easier to listen to.

Our body language, right down to the head tilt, can convey our presence as well as our being present. Using eye contact, a friendly smile and remembering introductions when unfamiliar people meet are just plain good manners. As well, holding doors open, allowing others to proceed ahead and just kindly noticing if someone needs a hand. Good manners can also be the conscientiousness of not talking overly, being inclusive and certainly not interrupting when someone else is speaking.

Manners can also be the awareness of not taking more than you need. Good manners are really about foresight, thoughtfulness and consideration. They include honesty, courtesy and the respecting of someone's personal space and their time.

On a personal note, your personal scent; whether you like to smell clean or wear an appropriate amount of fragrance, personal scent should be detectable from a kissing distance, should one be so invited. Proper manners mean personal closeness is by invitation only.

So much is revealed in our eyes, the windows of the soul, therefore eye contact should be comfortable. You never know what someone is going through but if a willing manner welcomes you, respect it. Besides, a true friend is someone who knows all about you and still likes you!

We may never get the chance to make more than that first impression, so try your best. Manners are important. Do what you can with your mannerly gestures and make a contribution you will be proud of. If you want to leave a pleasant and indelible memory, it starts with everything about you!

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