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Are your habits becoming routine? They should be, if they're good enough. The word routine is derived from the French word route, as in a road to somewhere. Habits stack up, good and bad. The good ones get us good results. The bad ones, maybe from bad influences, follow suit in bad results. So how do we make our best habits a part of our regular routine so that they pay off with deserved rewards? We work at it.

It's probably safe to say that bad habits consume your health, good habits will build it up. There comes a time when we realize that some things, some behaviours, are just no longer serving us. They're taking away from the whole. There is simply no benefit in trying to resurrect old energy patterns when it gets us nowhere. We're spinning our wheels. These are outgrown behaviours.

We create our habits. Then our habits create us back. So if you're looking to step away from old patterns and grow something new, just take a look at some of your daily routines and what could use some fixing. Get out the notebook and write a few things down. Start to make a plan of what you're willing to begin doing. Begin with just a few minutes of commitment. Make sure it's something you like!

A fitness routine is a gift you can give to yourself everyday. Get focused in the minute and live the benefit in real time. Feeling the sense of somatic energy, the immediate internal reward of feeling your body respond to what you are doing, getting stronger & moving better. It is a mode we can feel instant effort in but also instant pleasure, satisfaction and accomplishment.

Fitness isn't just the physical. It's also the food, the hydration, the sleep and the stimulation of living with good decisions and feeling well as a result. Our pleasure centres respond when we do something enjoyable and invigorating or soothing and relaxing. Imagine when we eat a satisfying and satiating meal. The flavours and textures along with the aroma and colours appeal to so many stimulating senses. They appeal to a pleasure centre in our brains that engage in reward, releasing hormones of satisfaction and feeling good. Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorhpins. All stimulanted by the pleasure releasing foods and behaviours that help form our habits. We keep returning to them, why wouldn't we?

Feel-good hormones affect your mind, mood and your body. They drive us and help us improve, move forward and get proficient at the task at hand. We keep getting better. It's a choice we can make about where we really want to put our effort and energy. It's a currency that if spent well, makes more energy, greater stamina, better health and wellness results. Think of your daily routines. If you don't think they're giving you what you want in your life, you can make small changes to take a "new route." When we live well, we do well and sooner or later, we just end up winning.

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