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Sooner or later in life, simplicity starts to seep into your thinking. How much do we really need? Life is already complicated. Then one day we start going with less. We realize the value of a dollar, the importance of a good meal and a restfull sleep that is free of stress and worry. Becoming simpler even in our appearance, our style of dress. All things that we have outgrown the energy for can begin to drift out of our life as we yearn for simplicity. Passing things along feels right. Releasing our attachment to our "stuff" that sits in a box in storage and is never really seen for years. It's really quite practical to move that energy. To let it serve a purpose where it is actually needed.

The average household on this continent is said to hold about 300,000 items. We spend over 38 billion dollars a year renting self-storage units. That's astounding! We spend a lot of time just trying to find things among our stuff and much time trying to create more space to store it all. The other thing is, if we don't address it, we leave it for someone else to sort.

Making changes to have less in life is a big task to undertake for some of us. Where to begin for starters. Keep the whole approach simple; tackle one little piece at a time and do it daily. You might try a cardboard box at the door destined for the thrift shops or a charity fundraiser. You might try organizing a garage sale or a community yard event. There's even just the simple act of leaving it at the foot of the drive for someone who might find better use for it, or a foundation who could use it for posterity. Any way you might approach it, it will become contagious. You will start to feel lighter, better and clearer. Keep going.

The desire for a simpler life is becoming a clearer choice for many of late. Getting organized, downsizing, clearing house and making living just a litter easier. In appreciating the simple things in life, we get freedom from the material, emotional and financial pressures of consumerism. Then we can start shedding that false sense of identity that we need the latest model or the newest technology. We come to realize the focus is better and less complicated when we place more importance on our experiences with the people we value. It's also a lot easier to remember! Want to make life a lot easier? Store your memories instead. Simple.

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